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Heartburn Relief Bible

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Without Medicine

October 19 2015, 04:18am

Posted by Dani Walden

How do you get rid of heartburn without using medications? That's the question that most Americans with acid reflux ask each time they have an episode.

You feel heartburn because the stomach acid sneak back into the esophagus, the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach. It will cause inflammation on the lining of the esophagus, which gives rise to heartburn.

Below you will find some ideas you can use to relieve heartburn without taking antacids, PPIs or H2 blockers. If you need more effective tips, http://www.audreyadams.net/relieve-heartburn-without-meds/ is a good place to start. AudreyAdams has featured a few remarkable ways to deal with acid reflux.

  1. Watch what you eat. Eating certain foods at night may cause heartburn. In this case, you should not eat those foods. Does it make sense? You also need to look at your daily diet. Processed foods usually are the culprits. Try to include raw food which should represent 1/3 of your diet.
  2. Stress is linked to your digestive health. It can lead to heartburn. If you feel stressed, try some relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.
  3. Take probiotics as they can ease heartburn. They are friendly to your gut. Go to the stores and get yogurt, buttermilk or kefir as they are rich with probiotics.
  4. Licorice can help your acid reflux. Research shows using DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) can treat digestive issues effectively.

It is never easy to find a natural remedy which is free of medicines. Now you have to understand that not every remedy will work as everyone has a unique body.

But once you have determined one that can treat your digestive problems, then you don't have to pop pills just to get through the night. Think of the danger these medications can cause you. For example, Cimetidine is the oldest H2 blocker. You may experience headache, mild temporary diarrhea, rash, or dizziness. For men, it may lead to impotence or breast enlargement in men if you use it for too long.

How To Cure Heartburn Without Drugs

How To Cure Heartburn Without Drugs

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